Prof. B J Stevens
  Past President of The Trichological Society
    Consultant in Clinical and Forensic Trichology (50 years) - Expert Witness (APIL Expert 1st Tier)

Claimant, Defendant, Single / Joint • Criminal • Civil • Appeal.

Instructions have been accepted from over 80 firms of Solicitors, several Insurance Companies, several Intermediaries and occasionally private individuals since 1976 to provide independent expert opinion relating to human scalp and hair following:

       Accidental damage        


 Alleged negligent acts

Alleged hairdresser malpractice

                         Alleged medical malpractice                            

  Criminal assault

Identity matters

Drug related matters

Reaction and distress assessment associated with hair extensions hair systems and wigs etc. 

Microscopic examination and photomicrography procedures available.

Is prepared to give evidence in the Court.

Territory: Worldwide


General C.V.

•   Honorary Professor and Member of the Medical Advisory Board (Clinical and Forensic Trichology) - Dr Batras Academy (INDIA)

•  Fellow of The Trichological Society

•  Past President of The Trichological Society (TTS)

•  APIL Registered Expert  - 1st tier.

•  Diploma in advanced Trichology (TTS).

•  Diploma in Trichology IOT 1967 (London College of Fashion).

Professional / Academic Appointments past and present: 

• Visiting Lecturer and Examiner in Trichological Sciences - KSHI, Seoul (SOUTH KOREA).
• Honorary Professor and Member of the Medical Advisory Board (Clinical and Forensic Trichology) - Dr Batra's Academy Mumbai (INDIA).
• Head of Education and Senior Mentor - TTS Worldwide Distance Learning College of Trichology.
• Chief Examiner - Institute of Trichologists (1998).
• Director of Clinical Studies 1988 - 1999 (Institute of Trichologists).
• Lecturer in human-sciences 1960's - Ware College Hertfordshire. Was the inhouseconsultant trichologistto the nationwide Andre Bernard Hairdressing    Group of Companiesand thereby gained a comprehensive knowledge of hairdressing practises(chemical thermal etc)and the potential for    damage/injury/adverse reactivity (temporary/permanent).

Past and current professional and pioneering activities:

• A pioneer in Expert Witness testimony (hair/scalp related matters) since 1976.
• Pioneering work in single hair transplantation surgery techniques and instruments development over 35 + years.
• Founder/General Secretary/Registrar - The Trichological Society.
• Chaired the steering group formulating and continually upgrading TTS College diploma course in Pure Trichology since 2000.
• Continuous private practice in London and Essex since1967, providing advice, opinion and where appropriate treatments/referrals fo
 hair and scalp    in disease and distressed circumstances.


• Numerous short papers on hair/scalp topics (conditions/diseases etc), many are currently published at The Trichological Society  http://www.hairscientists.org/a-z-hairloss.htm

Adviser to:

• Which? Magazine • BBC Watchdog • The Guinness Book of World Records • Pharmaceutical Industry • The media and    numerous journalists (UK and    overseas) •  NHS Direct • Trading Standards (UK) • The US 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'• The  thermal  hair appliances industry (Phillips, Helen of    Troy, Imetec) • Unilever • ABurnet Ltd etc. 


• Overseas and UK National and Local Radio and Television companies.

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